The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour

Rescue personnel race the clock to save a young man's life after a freak accident. (St. Petersburg Times)

Rescue workers call it the “Golden Hour,” the sixty precious minutes which can determine whether a patient will live or die. The sooner the patient can get to a trauma center, the better their chances are of survival.

Andrew Hall was standing outside of his home one evening when a speeding car slammed into him, ripping a leg from his body and sending him flying. For Hall, quick responses by bystanders, EMTs and emergency room doctors during his Golden Hour saved his life.

This meticulous project by the St. Petersburg Times dissects the events around the crash that evening. Perspectives from the witness who called 911 to the first responder paramedics, helicopter medics and emergency room doctors help to tell the story of a group effort to save one young man’s life.

The project includes two videos, audio interviews with emergency personnel, a panoramic photo of the crash scene, an interactive timeline and map and several related stories.

CHANNEL: St. Petersburg Times (

Length: 8:11

Video by Joseph Garnett Jr. & Maurice Rivenbark
Video Production by Jack Rowland
Photos and Audio by Douglas R. Clifford
Story by Rita Farlow and Michael A. Moscardini