The Deaf Kid Who Played Rock ‘n’ Roll

The Deaf Kid Who Played Rock ‘n’ Roll

After his musician son dies, a father works to record a tribute album of his songs. (The Day)

Derek Berube started playing guitar with his musician father Dan as a young boy. The two bonded over their love of classic rock ‘n’ roll, especially Bob Dylan.

Derek was profoundly deaf, but with the help of digital hearing aids and loud amplifiers he was able play and compose his own music. Derek died of an overdose after a series of medical conditions, and at his funeral his father Dan vowed to fulfill Derek’s wish to record an album.

This story by Southeastern Connecticut’s The Day newspaper includes interviews with Derek’s father and home videos Derek made of himself singing and playing guitar in his bedroom. The videos bring comfort to Dan, who often finds himself in Derek’s old room watching the videos and playing his songs.

Dan has spent countless hours learning and professionally recording his son’s songs, and he plans to continue until he’s completed a 12-song album.


Length: 5:20

Video by Peter Huoppi