The Blessing of the Bikes

The Blessing of the Bikes

Riders congregate at a Manhattan cathedral for their annual ritual of prayers and holy water -- and to confess their cycling sins.(NYT)
The annual Blessing of the Bikes at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine marks the beginning of cycling season in New York City.

For 11 years, cyclists have been coming to have their bikes sprinkled with holy water and for some, to confess their bicycling sins. Reverend Canon Thomas P. Miller says he blesses the bikes and offers a protective prayer but he thinks the event also provides a collective spirit that makes people feel safer.

This New York Times video captures views of cyclists riding through the grandiose cathedral and includes interviews with participants and Rev. Miller.

A few cyclists take time to confess their varied sins from riding on sidewalks, going the wrong way down one-way streets and running the occasional red light.

CHANNEL: New York Times

Length: 2:02

Produced by Sean Patrick Farrell
Photography by Rob Bennett