The Amazing Skidboot

The Amazing Skidboot

An astonishing dog achieves worldwide fame with his tricks and seemingly fantastic intelligence. (Texas Country Reporter)

David Hartwig discovered almost by accident that his wife’s dog Skidboot was quite a special canine. Skidboot has an uncanny ability to follow directions and help out around the house and the barn where Hartwig works shoeing horses in Quinlan, Texas.

Skidboot retrieves ringing telephones, leads horses around on tethers, waves his paws and performs all kinds of tricks. The dog and his sidekick Hartwig began performing at rodeos, churches and schools. Before long the pair catapulted to fame appearing on stage with the likes of Jay Leno, David Letterman and Oprah.

Skidboot has changed Hartwig’s life in ways he says he never could have imagined. “I mean how are you going to meet Oprah, somebody like me?”

The Texas Country Reporter video features a special partnership between a man and his best friend, with footage of Skidboot in action on the Oprah Show and around home with his family.

CHANNEL: Texas Country Reporter

Length: 8:37

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