Tami Tushie’s Toys

Tami Tushie’s Toys

After unhappily struggling to balance career with homemaking, a Minnesota mom decides to host women's parties to hawk sex aids.

Just as their mothers may have done, women still give parties in their homes to sell merchandise to friends and neighbors. These days, plastic containers or candles aren’t the only thing they’re selling. Tami Tushie is a working hostess of “Pure Romance” parties where she hawks sex aids — lotions, potions and toys designed to perk up a woman’s sex life.

The 35-year-old mother of four can now happily care for her kids all day, then hand them over to her husband and head out with her rolling bag of tricks to give women’s parties at night.

Cinematographer Adrian Danciu, shooting for the International Documentary Challenge, follows the seemingly tireless Tushie as she dishes out spaghetti, plays with the kids, and does a myriad of other typical motherly tasks that illustrate just how ordinary her suburban life is until nightfall. We get to hear from her kids, who are only aware that she sells “bottles of stuff,” and from her satisfied customers.

Innocent-looking archival footage of overdressed housewives at a Tupperware party in the 50s is edited into the piece, providing a foil for the action at Tushie’s Pure Romance event, where women are instead passing around dildos and mini vibrators. Tushie waves around mysterious, brightly-colored plastic objects and cracks jokes to guests who wear expressions ranging from pleasantly curious to total bewilderment. One woman sits silently clutching a beer, no doubt wondering how she’ll ever work up the courage to “save her marriage” with what looks like a cat toy.

Tushie never reveals what kind of income she clears from this enterprise, but she obviously enjoys the experience, and says that she’s proud of her ability to bring couples together and empower women to take control of their sexuality.

This video was a finalist in the International Documentary Challenge.

Length: 7:40

Director: Melody Gilbert
Producer: Kiersten Chace
Cinematographer: Adrian Danciu
Editor: Emily Rumsey


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