Stories to Learn By

Stories to Learn By

Dan Conley is a grandfather figure who entertains elementary school kids by spinning tales from his own life. (Spokesman-Review)

These aren’t fanciful tales from a movie. Dan Conley, a retired physical therapist, entertains kids with down-to-earth stories from his own experiences. Every couple of weeks Conley visits a combined second- and third-grade class taught by his son, and spins a tale.

This short video by the Spokesman-Review takes us into the classroom with Conley. As children listen with rapt attention, he tells them a true story about their principal, Mrs. Martin, and how she played baseball with a group of boys when she was a girl, sliding into home plate with the best of them. All of Conley’s stories have messages about positive character traits.

“There’s lots of ways of learning about life,” Conley says. He hopes the students will go home and ask their parents or grandparents about their lives.

CHANNEL: Spokesman-Review

Length: 3:20

Video and Production: Dan Pelle