A U.S. Army parachute team called the Golden Knights performs miles-high daredevil stunts. (Detroit Free Press)

Like synchronized swimmers, they move in and out of artful formations with what appears to be effortless grace. But these athletes perform their dance two miles up with a parachute strapped to their backs.

The Golden Knights are the Army’s official aerial demonstration and competition parachute team. This video by the Detroit Free Press takes us soaring along with these graceful daredevils.

The precision parachute team exits the plane at 2 ½ miles altitude, gets into formation, breaks apart to release their chutes and lands on a small 10 x10 foot area on the ground.

One of the Knights compares the sensation to lying on a waterbed, cushioned by air and dropping out of the sky at 120 mph.

CHANNEL: Detroit Free Press (

Length: 2:39

Video and Production by David Gilkey and Brian Kaufman
Helmet Camera Footage: Staff Sgt. Marc Owens