Sketchy Evidence

Sketchy Evidence

The lack of DNA evidence that might clear him leaves a young murderer behind bars, leaving many to wonder if he's wrongfully convicted.

As a youngster Tim Masters was convicted of murder. Now that DNA could clear him, that evidence has disappeared, leaving him and the community in limbo. He remains behind bars, while even those who worked to convict him are dissatisfied with the results. While DNA evidence helps acquit some wrongfully accused individuals—and makes for compelling storytelling—the lack of DNA evidence with the accused still behind bars sometimes makes for a darker and incomplete tale.

Even the best reporting and storytelling can sometimes leave unanswered questions and an unclosed circle. This well-told Denver Post story draws the reader into falsely assuming where the piece is going.

Length: 9:08

Video: Miles Moffeit

Photography: Chuck Bigger

Photo Editing: Tim Rasmussen and Meghan Lyden

Production: Meghan Lyden and Mateo Leyba

Video Editing: Meghan Lyden

Narration: Mike McPhee

Director: Tim Rasmussen

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