Second Chance

Second Chance

Award-winning series depicts six stories of individuals' struggles and triumphs as they face life's transitions. (NYT)

A jazz singer who put her career on hold to raise her son, three monks living in exile in New York but continuing to campaign for democracy in their country and a woman facing her lifelong gender dysphoria. These and three more make up “Second Chance,” a series of video stories about life’s struggles and transitions.

New York Times senior staff Chang W. Lee photographer set out to make the videos in part to overcome his ambivalence about working in video. As a result he said he found more similarities than differences between video and still photography.

His creative eye and strong photography background is evident in this work. For example “The Student” profiles Ibraheem Shahadat who was born with a degenerative eye disease which made him legally blind by the age of 13. Lee used blurred, black and white images to mimic Shahadat’s very limited vision.

The topics, Lee said, are ultimately “portraits of one individual’s struggle and triumph.”

Two of the stories won honors in the 67th Annual Picture of the Year International awards in the Feature Story – multimedia category. “The Student” won second place and “Sex Change” won an award of excellence.

CHANNEL: New York Times

By Chang W. Lee