Searching for the Snow Leopard

Searching for the Snow Leopard

Prizewinning photographer Steve Winter roams the upper altitudes of northern India in pursuit of the notoriously camera-shy feline. (National Geographic)

In pursuit of the ever-elusive snow leopard for the pages of National Geographic, photographer Steve Winter recounts his journey to the remote and rocky steppes of northern India to capture the endangered cat on camera. Over the course of ten months, he shot 30,000 frames using a sophisticated setup of sensor-based remote cameras.

Winter provides insight into the details of his shoot, from camping at temperatures of 30-below-zero to the finer points of tracking such solitary animals. The results are impressive, as the last section of the video showcases the final photographic achievements of Winter’s arduous hunt for a mere glimpse of the sublime snow leopard. Ultimately, Winter would win Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2008 for his work on this unique assignment. A captivating behind-the-scenes account of a photographer in pursuit of rare and beautiful prey.

Nominated for a 2009 Webby Award in the Online Film & Video, Documentary, Individual Episode category.

CHANNEL: National Geographic

Length: 6:16

Photography: Steve Winter
Photo Editor: Kathy Moran
Photo Coordinator: Jenna Pirog
Video Footage: Emilene Ostlind
Narration Audio: Amanda Macevitt
Maps: Shawn Greene
Senior Producer, Editor: Hans Weise


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