Run Granny Run

When the New Hampshire Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate dropped out of the race at the last minute in 2004, “Granny D” Haddock — famous for her 15,000-mile voter registration walk in 1999 — threw her beat-up straw hat into the ring. This video (which originally aired on HBO) intimately follows Haddock, her ever-supportive son and tiny campaign staff as she navigates the political arena, frequently using her own voice and personal thoughts to narrate the action. Always ready with a quotable remark, Haddock’s asides to the audience are priceless, especially when she admits her fears or questions authority.

The viewer feels a part of the action as the camera records both the highs and lows of the David vs. Goliath political campaign, waged from Haddock’s home to prove that “real people” can run for office without special interest money. As Haddock puts it, “Democracy is not something we have, it’s something we do.”

Although Granny D’s personal charm and remarkable acuity for her age is well documented, the video doesn’t varnish over her shortcomings, as she stumbles over answers in practice debates and wheezes along the road on campaign walks. A scene in which we watch Haddock kneel next to her bed and pray that God won’t let her “make a fool of myself” in a televised debate is truly touching. Although she lost the election, “Granny D” garnered 34% of the vote, and made a memorable mark on New Hampshire politics.

This feature-length video is part of Hulu’s expanding online library of longform independent and made-for-TV documentaries.


Length: 1:16:06

Producer/director: Marlo Poras