Rising From the Wreckage

Rising From the Wreckage

Pulled back from disaster, the determined U.S. auto industry enters a new age. Multimedia series looks in the rear-view mirror ... and at the rough road ahead. (Detroit Free Press)

2009 was the most dramatic period in Detroit’s 100 years of making automobiles. The business that gave rise to the American middle class and brought prosperity to Michigan was on the verge of collapse.

As Chrysler emerged from bankruptcy and General Motors went into it, the Detroit Free Press decided to dig deeply to tell the story which resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and in some way affected every resident of Michigan.

This 5-part video project is a companion to an 8-chapter written story chronicling the last 18 months in Michigan as the state struggled to cope with the tailspin brought about by the decline of the American auto industry.

The project takes an in-depth look at events that took place in courtrooms and in the political arena as well as their effects on individual Michigan residents.

CHANNEL: Detroit Free Press (freep.com)

Videography by Romain Blanquart and Brian Kaufman

Editing by Brian Kaufman

Additional Videography and Photography by William Archie, Alexandra Bahou, Patricia Beck, Romain Blanquart, Regina H. Boone, Andre Jackson, Brian Kaufman, Rashaun Rucker, Eric Seals, Marcin Szczepanski, Susan Tusa, Mandi Wright

Photo and video project editor: Kathy Kieliszewski