Remember Me

Remember Me

In an award-winning audio slideshow, a family copes with a wife and mother's terminal cancer, prepares for life without her, and deals with the impact of her death.

In six narrated videos, consisting of intimate still images, a (New Hampshire) Concord Monitor photographer follows Carolynne St. Pierre and her family for two years as they struggle through her rare and aggressive illness and death – through changes in treatment, hospital stays, family outings, holidays, and, as Carolynne’s condition worsened, through her final weeks at home. The family agreed to be documented in the period following her death as well.

Pictures of the Year International Competition’s Award of Excellence, Best Multimedia Project.

Pulitzer Prize Winner, Feature Photography

Photography, audio: Preston Gannaway

Interviews: Preston Gannaway and Chelsea Conaboy

Graphic design: Vanessa Valdes

Multimedia advisor: Kari Collins