Recession: Through Their Eyes

Recession: Through Their Eyes

Part cheerleaders, part therapists, these professionals view tough economic times from the perspectives of their clients. (SJMN)

Santa Clara County is the country’s leading high tech hub, yet unemployment rates are higher than the national average and more and more residents are struggling to make ends meet.

This 7–part video project by the San Jose Mercury News presents voices of Silicon Valley residents who jobs working with the public give them unique perspectives about the recession.

Each video offers reflections from a different area resident: a police officer, a homeless advocate, a neighborhood barber, a psychotherapist, a mechanic and a mover. In one way or another each of these individuals has seen a change in the people they interact with each day as a result of lost jobs, homes, financial or emotional security.

CHANNEL: San Jose Mercury News

Videos by Dai Sugano, Gary Reyes, Jose Lepe, Jim Gensheimer