Reacting to Climate Change

Reacting to Climate Change

Local heroes throughout south Asia emerge to combat the effects of global warming. (China Daily)

If global warming continues, south Asia will be one of the most vulnerable parts of the world. Local heroes are emerging in many of these countries – from a green architect in the Philippines, an environmental engineer in Nepal, to community leaders, scientists and concerned individuals in Jakarta, China, India, Vietnam and Bangladesh. They are all working to respond to the challenges their communities are facing as a result of environmental changes.

This ambitious project was produced by a multimedia team from China Daily and six graduates of the Konrad Adenauer Asia Center for Journalism. Led by multimedia reporter DJ Clark, it highlights positive work being done all across the affected region.

The project consists of eight profiles of innovators in seven Asian countries, each story giving a glimpse into the world of individuals rising to the challenges their local communities face. In Manila, “eco” architect Clifford Espinoza is retro-fitting century-old buildings to make them more habitable for human occupants. The stone buildings absorb heat and rising temperatures have made some of them unbearably hot by midday. Espinoza says he wants to humanize spaces, and his designs are popular and affordable.

The short videos are heavily narrated without in-depth interviews but are nevertheless compelling and ambitious in scope. The China Daily is an English-language daily newspaper published in the People’s Republic of China.

CHANNEL: China Daily

Videos by DJ Clark, Avigail Olarte, Syed Nazakat, Zaki Yamani, Son Tung, Prateebha Tuladhar, Jofelle Tesorio