Rape in Haiti’s Tent Cities

Rape in Haiti’s Tent Cities

Following the devastating earthquake, many Haitian women and girls now face a new kind of terror. (Time)

More than one million people have been displaced by the earthquake in Haiti. Thousands of them now live among strangers in the tight quarters of tent cities. When night falls, there is little lighting, no security and the tent cities can become dangerous places, especially for women. Incidents of rape are on the rise.

In this video, a reporter from Time visits a tent city to interview women who have been raped and to explore the resources available to them. A volunteer-run grassroots organization that provided medical and psychological support for rape victims before the quake continues to operate in spite of losing its offices in the rubble. More than two percent of the Haitian population is HIV positive and demand for medical care and HIV testing following a rape is high.

The video includes interviews with women who have been raped and others who work to support them. It also includes a devastating interview with a 5-year old girl who was raped just days after the earthquake.


Length: 4:25

Producer/Camera: Craig Duff
Reporter: Jessica Desvarieux
Editors: Craig Duff and Valerie Lapinski