Project Jacmel

Project Jacmel

Multifaceted look at recovery and rebuilding in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake -- after the world's eyes wander elsewhere. (The Globe and Mail)

Located in southern Haiti, the historic town of Jacmel was decimated by the earthquake of January 2010. Thousands of residents now make their homes in tent encampments scattered around the city.

In an effort to cover Jacmel’s devastation more thoroughly, the Toronto Globe and Mail decided to stick around and cover the weeks and months after the earthquake as residents struggle to recover and rebuild their town. This ambitious, ongoing project combines videos, photo galleries, articles, blogs and an interactive map.

The videos include stories of a pastor whose 1,000-member church was leveled in the quake, a New York charity group that adopts a neighborhood tent city, and the predicament of local artisans who now find themselves without the infrastructure or supplies for making their art.

CHANNEL: The Globe and Mail

Photography and Video by Deborah Baic
Reporting by Jessica Leeder