Prison Overcrowding

Prison Overcrowding

Inside look at California's dangerously cramped correctional facilities, forcing judges to set inmates free. (San Jose Mercury News)

Overcrowding plagues California’s prisons. The California Institution for Men in Chino is at almost 200 percent capacity and houses around 3,000 inmates.

In August, 2009, federal judges ordered California to come up with a plan to shed more than 40,000 inmates from its overcrowded prison system. Just days after that order a riot at Chino left 250 inmates injured.

This ominous short video by the San Jose Mercury News takes a look inside the Chino prison. The images of overcrowding are blatant and haunting. Gymnasiums and day rooms, never intended to house prisoners, are filled with bunk beds. Two inmates are often jammed into cells meant for a single bed. Low-level drug dealers are mingled with convicted killers.

CHANNEL: San Jose Mercury News

Length: 2:51

Video by Patrick Tehan