Power of Zenn: Life in the Slow Lane

Green Motors in Berkeley has become the number one Zenn car dealer in the nation. Zenn, which stands for “Zero Emission, No Noise,” is an electric car manufactured in Canada that costs about $16,000. They come in silver, blue or, natch, green. The Zenn is a two-seat hatchback that runs with an electric motor. There is no transmission which means it does not use gasoline or oil. The Zenn has a range of 30 to 50 miles. A full charge takes about eight hours.

The company started in spring of 2007 when Marc Korchin decided that Berkeley was in need of an electric car dealership. His hunch seems to have been right, and since then Green Motors sales have been good. “In the first six months (of 2008) we sold over three dozen cars,” said Korchin.

In this San Francisco Chronicle (SFGate.com) video, Korchin says he believes Green Motors is doing well because people are willing and interested to know more and possibly own an electric car. “I just got into this because I wanted to drive electric myself and I found the interest that people had when seeing my car to be so great that I thought people might want to buy them a little easier than I did.”

Length: 4:30

Story: Michael Taylor

Photography: James Irwin and Kim Komenich