Pit Bulls: Companions or Killers?

Pit Bulls: Companions or Killers?

Pit bull lovers say the dogs are friendly when raised correctly, and that rogue owners ruin their reputation by raising them to fight.
Pit bull lovers say the dogs are the most loyal, intelligent and friendly pets when raised correctly. They say rogue owners ruin the dogs’ reputation by abusing them and raising them to fight.

Detroit Free Press (Freep.com) staff writer Ben Schmitt and photographer Rashaun Rucker covered this topic extensively for more than a year; this Emmy award-winning two-part video package is the culmination of their efforts.

The mistreatment of pit bulls is painful and wasteful, they report – for the animals, the humans who interact with them and the systems that keep order for both. Advocates say responsible ownership is crucial for making safe, smart, accepted pets. To them, pit bulls are companions, loved ones, lifesavers.

This online-only package incorporates a photogallery of 50 images, plus interactive graphics explaining more about the pit bull breed – its anatomy and origins.

Warning: This Web presentation contains graphic images and video of pit bulls fighting and animal cruelty.

Winner, News and Documentary Emmy Award, New Approaches to News & Documentary Programming: Regional News Coverage.

Photographer: Rashaun Rucker

Reporter And Narrator: Ben Schmitt

Video Producer: Kathy Kieliszewski

Video Executive Producer: Craig Porter

Interactive Designer: Brian E. Todd

Graphics: Kofi Myler, Fred Fluker