Pioneer Couple

Pioneer Couple

Dick and Bonnie Cain are determined to live in a 19th-century world of solitude without any modern technology. (Texas Country Reporter)

Life can’t be made much simpler than that of Dick and Bonnie Cain, who live in the West Texas desert without electricity or running water. The middle-aged couple, who live 75 miles from civilization, have cut out so much of the “frivolous stuff” that old-fashioned doesn’t even begin to describe them. Their rustic ranch house is, for them, a haven of peace and tranquility.

Bonnie, who blames electricity for ruining modern life, cooks on a wood stove, sews on a treadle machine, and does her laundry with her own cactus soap. Clad in a long prairie dress and apron, Bonnie claims she’s never had a boring day living in a place where it is sometimes so quiet “it hurts your ears.” Dick Cain, seen rounding up longhorn cattle on horseback in his leather chaps and spurs, could be from central casting for a cowboy movie.

Rugged scenery punctuates this beautifully photographed Texas Country Reporter video, poetically narrated by Bob Philips. The Cains, who both appear to be blissfully happy with their situation, philosophize that life is not about acquiring things, but instead about “having a good time in simplicity.”

CHANNEL: Texas Country Reporter

Length: 8:01

By Bob Phillips


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