Photographing the President

Photographing the President

Two photojournalists reflect upon the moments and memories of capturing Pres. George W. Bush through their lenses for eight years. (Time)

As TIME Magazine correspondents, Brooks Kraft and Christopher Morris had been assigned to photograph President George W. Bush during the full tenure of his two terms in office. With the controversial President’s eight years now over, the two photographers each offer insights into their subject as we see highlights of their imagery in their respective segments.

From the muddy backwoods of his Crawford, Texas ranch to the dramatic bedside visits to wounded soldiers, the photographs featured here offer a less seen, and atypically poignant, look into President Bush’s embattled legacy.

Realistic yet respectful in their anecdotal-based assessments, these accounts sequentially narrated by Kraft and Morris offer a unique glimpse into a behind-the-scenes assignment of depicting one of the world’s most high-profile figures.

CHANNEL: Time Magazine

Length: 5:04

Produced by Mark Rykoff and Nicholas Hegel McClelland
Narrated by Brooks Kraft and Christopher Morris