Paying for Petting Time in Japan’s Cat Cafes

Paying for Petting Time in Japan’s Cat Cafes

An Osaka café provides feline lovers with a place to get their kitty fixes. (Time)

If you’re a cat lover in Japan, you may be hard-pressed to find a place to live with your favorite feline. Japanese apartment dwellers often aren’t allowed to have cats, so they come to places like the Cats’ Time Café in Osaka, where they pay by the hour to play with, cuddle or just watch a busy roomful of cats.

Located in one of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods, Cats’ Time features 21 breathing, purring, eating and napping felines for cat lovers looking to enjoy.

This video by Time includes interviews with the creative entrepreneur who opened the first cat café five years ago and several customers, including one who visits Cats’ Time Café once a week and stays several hours. The café charges by the hour but also sells an unlimited time entrance pass which includes a free drink.

The Café’s owner believes she provides an important service to cat lovers and customers agree, saying the animals are natural stress relievers. The café gives them a place to hang out with other cat fans and a place to unwind.


Length: 3:39

Video Journalist: Sonia Narang
Translators: Kana Hattori and Naoki Togawa
Supervising Producer: Craig Duff