One Man, Two Worlds

One Man, Two Worlds

As a financial planner, Larry Ford helps his clients manage their wallets. As a shaman, he helps them tap into their spirituality. Voodoo economics?

Larry Ford is attempting a massive bailout of Wall Street’s soul, one troubled heart at a time.

He is a successful financial planner. But he couldn’t shake the emptiness inside. Now, as a shaman, he straddles two worlds: finance and spiritual healing.

As he acknowledges in this Washington Post video profile, Larry knows his two identities seem to conflict: “One is about making money and being in the boys’ club. The other is this spiritual, weird junk.” Recently, his neighbor, a DEA agent, was walking his dog and saw Larry in front of his house, wearing yak bone beads and burning sage. “The look was: I thought you were a normal guy. We’ve had a beer together!”

Two lives, two jobs, have challenged Larry before, but now, in the midst of a global financial crisis and Manhattan’s existential meltdown, Larry’s days whirl like a Nepali prayer wheel. His business clients are shaken by the economic chaos. His spiritual patrons are stunned. Everything they once held true is open to doubt.

What is real? What is voodoo economics?

Length: 3:42

Video: Pierre Kattar