My Virginity, $300

My Virginity, $300

Srey Neth is a Cambodian girl who was forced into prostitution by sex traffickers. A story of despair and redemption. (duckrabbit)

“I lost my choice, I lost my voice, I lost myself,” says Srey Neth when she describes her life as a child prostitute in Cambodia. Sold at 14 by her mother to a pimp for $300, she and other young women in her predicament were forced to serve 10 to 20 men per night from a tenement in Phnom Pehn known as “the building.” After being rescued by the police, Srey was housed in a private center, where she has had the support of “a second father and a second mother.” Diagnosed with HIV, she gets anti-retroviral drugs — a rarity in Cambodia — and has a second chance in life. Srey now works in the same slum where she was sold — to help girls with similar stories escape their plight.

Independent videojournalist Tim Matsui says that the video is not just a story about the darkness in humanity, but, instead, sees Srey Neth’s recovery as a metaphor for the rebuilding of war-torn Cambodia. His images of Srey, and the other girls she works with, drive home the impact of poverty and a lack of opportunity on the nation’s beautiful children.

CHANNEL: duckrabbit

Length: 5:56

Video and production by Tim Matsui