My Two Dads

My Two Dads

Proud daughter Kiki Walker Valenzuela, 7, reflects on having two dads and their recent marriage to each other. (SF Chronicle)

Kiki Walker Valenzuela is seven and lives in Berkeley, Calif. She knows some people may think it’s weird that she has two dads, but it isn’t to her because this is the life she has always known.

Kiki says she knows her dads love her because they cuddle her, they hug and kiss her and take her to special places. “We go to water parks, we go on trips, we go to parties together, we go to plays, we go to movies,” Kiki says.

This short video by the San Francisco Chronicle ( is told simply and honestly through the words of seven-year-old Kiki. The video chronicles her dads’ wedding at City Hall (their fourth due to continual changes in California laws) with still photos, video and audio interviews with Kiki. A novel and humanistic approach to reporting on the same-sex marriage issue, up close and personal.

CHANNEL: San Francisco Chronicle (

Length: 2:18

Camera and Editing by Mike Kepka

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