My Daughter the Terrorist

My Daughter the Terrorist

A young woman suicide bomber trains to further the cause of Sri Lankan rebels. (Frontline)

Sri Lanka has been engaged in a brutal civil war for the past 25 years. Considered the most professional guerilla organization in the world, the Tamil Tigers was one of the first groups to use suicide bombing as a tactic of war.

An estimated 30 percent of the suicide bombers in Sri Lanka are women and belong to the elite Black Tigers. This Frontline/World video (“A Terrorist in the Family”) is an abridged version of a full-length feature by Norwegian filmmaker Beate Arnestad, “My Daughter the Terrorist.”

Arnestad went to the rebel-controlled territories looking for a young woman member of the Black Tigers to profile. There she met Dharshika and Puhalchudar, two 24-year-old women who have been living, training and fighting side-by-side for the past seven years. They are prepared to strap Claymore mines to their chests and blow up themselves and anyone within 100 feet of them to benefit their cause.

This story was nominated for a 2009 Webby Award for Online Film & Video, Documentary: Individual Episode category.

CHANNEL: Frontline

Length: 13:44

Editor: Marjorie McAfee
Additional Reporting: David Ritsher
Camera: Colin Clarke
Sound: Stuart Bruce
Writer/Director: Beate Arnestad
Producer/Editor: Morten Daae