Multiracial in America

Multiracial in America

Six multiracial families from around the country discuss their challenges and triumphs in a series of personal videos.
What’s it like to be a multiracial family in America? The presidential candidacy of Barack Obama has brought new attention, curiosity and discussion to the experiences of multiracial Americans, who are surging in number and voice. In a series of six short MSNBC video portraits, interspersed with archival footage, we get to see a broad spectrum of geographically diverse personal experiences. Each family talks about the problems they face in their daily lives, reminding us that discrimination is still rampant in all corners of the U.S.

Length: Six videos, each about 2 minutes.

Producers: Meredith Birkett, Jim Seida

Editor: Shanon Dell

Photographers: John Makely, Carissa Ray, John Brecher, Jim Seida.

Interactive Editor: Phil Zepeda