Mother and Medic

Mother and Medic

Iraq combat veteran and single parent Jaymie Holschlag struggles with the harsh emotional reality … of returning home. (NYT)

Suffering from post-traumatic stress, Jaymie Holschlag found herself at home snapping at her two kids, and feeling that she “didn’t know how to love anymore.” After the Army medic and single parent served a frightening tour of duty in Iraq, she discovered that the transition to family life was more difficult and confusing for her than being in combat.

This New York Times video touchingly portrays the emotional conflict for loving parents who feel that serving their country in the military is their calling, and the consequences for the dependent children they leave behind. Anticipating a second deployment, Holschlag and her kids face sometimes overwhelming personal and logistical challenges.

This video, and its accompanying text story, are part of the New York Times’ continuing “Women at Arms” series, which explores how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have profoundly redefined the role of women in the military.

CHANNEL: New York Times

Length: 6:06

Produced by Kassie Bracken
Reporters: Lizette Alvarez, Kassie Bracken


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