Motel Life

Motel Life

Thousands of indigent families endure roaches and rodents, and no heat or running water. But it beats living on the streets. (Denver Post)

As many as 2,000 people live in motels across the Denver metro area. Many are families living just a few dollars a month away from being homeless. Some weather bitter cold, rodents and criminal neighbors in decrepit motel rooms.

Living conditions in the cheapest motels, while deplorable by almost all standards, are better than life on the city streets.

The Denver Post profiles three motel-dwelling families in this three-part audio slideshow project.

Sabrina and Jeff Lackey each spent time living in motels as kids and now find themselves doing the same with their three children.

Willis and Jamie Rouse and their two children have lived in a motel for several months. Willis is now employed and hopes to soon be able to buy a house for his family.

Debbie Blevins, her daughter and three grandchildren share a cramped room for $249 a month. Just a month earlier the motel where they lived was shut down for multiple violations including rodent and cockroach infestations, high levels of carbon monoxide and lack of heat and running water.

CHANNEL: Denver Post

Photos and Audio by Hyoung Chang
Produced by Meghan Lyden
Photo Editing by Ken Lyons and Tim Rasmussen


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