Molly’s Run

Molly’s Run

A 52-year-old woman takes on the 131-mile Badwater Ultramarathon through Death Valley in 125-degree heat — “the world’s toughest footrace.” (LVRJ)

Molly Sheridan, novice runner and 52-year-old mother of three, sets her sights on completing the entire length of a 131-mile, 45-hour nonstop trudge through Death Valley in July, where the relentless heat at times reaches 120 degrees.

The AdventureCorps Badwater Ultramarathon endurance race is widely considered the world’s toughest foot race, starting at the lowest point in the western hemisphere and climbing halfway up Mount Whitney. Sheridan climbed 9,000 feet and ran or walked without sleep for nearly two days.

In this Las Vegas Review-Journal video, empty desert landscape provides a stunning backdrop to Sheridan’s struggle, as exhaustion gradually contorts her body into a leftward lean and her movement into a shuffling limp.

An element of suspense keeps the viewer engaged and rooting for the reed-thin woman to make it to the finish. Sheridan’s six-member support team, that included her daughter, Bailey, barely keeps her moving night and day across the scorching highway and straight up Mt. Whitney to the finish. It’s a testament to her crew, and to the human will, that Sheridan, against all odds, could finish and claim the coveted Badwater belt buckle as her prize.

Note: A narrated, fly-over elevation map of the race route is included in the video.

CHANNEL: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Length: 14:41

Video by Justin Yurkanin
Interactive by Michael Quine
Produced by Justin Yurkanin
Narrated by Nathe Tannenbaum