Michigan Marines: Band of Brothers

Michigan Marines: Band of Brothers

Emmy-winning video series shows the riveting, gritty journey of soldiers and their families, and the impact of their service in Iraq.

The 1st Battalion of the 24th Marine Regiment, also known as the 1/24th , represents more than 900 Marines, the largest deployment from the state of Michigan. This “Band of Brothers” spent months fighting in Iraq. Twenty-two were killed in action; many more were wounded. From September of 2006 until April of 2007, the Detroit Free Press documented the journey of these soldiers and their families and the impact of their service.

This in-depth project won an Emmy in the category of current news coverage for broadband. Its 21 videos, plus accompanying stories and photo galleries, were recently repackaged for easier web navigation.

The exhaustive array of videos include a broad spectrum of stories: Stories of war and the battlefield. Stories of the camaraderie that grows among the soldiers. Stories of those who die in the war. Stories of those who are injured and coping with recovery. Stories of families at home, including the wife of a soldier who fights her own war with cancer while her husband is in Iraq.

In the touching final video piece, members of the battalion reflect on their time in Iraq, on the bonding that took place amongst their battalion and on how profoundly their time together changed them.

Video and Production: David P. Gilkey
Reporting: Joe Swickard
Additional Photography and Videography: Stephen McGee and Brian Kaufman
Additional Reporting: John Masson