Mexico at War

Mexico at War

Mexico’s rapidly deteriorating war against drug traffickers has resulted in a staggering body count and a nation teetering on chaos. (WP)
As Americans grapple with a sinking economy, our southern neighbor finds itself roiling in a violent tug-of-war pitting the government against unflinching drug lords. Since Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared all-out war against drug traffickers in 2006, deploying 50,000 troops along the U.S.-Mexico border, the country has suffered more than 10,000 murders amid the struggle.The Washington Post chronicles the spiraling violence of Mexico’s domestic drug war with a series of five short videos investigating the conflict’s numerous implications: a family’s life amidst the violence, a journalist’s exile, and a mother’s grief over the unexplained (and uninvestigated) murder of her son. The video series also features a segment following the body-collecting unit of the police department of Ciudad Juarez, a city which recently suffered more than 220 murders in a single month.

As the murder count climbs higher by the day, there remains little resolution in sight. Even as economic concerns dominate the news, the Mexico Drug War continues to shape up as a key concern for the hemisphere.

CHANNEL:Washington Post

Video: Travis Fox