Life in Limbo

Life in Limbo

While their post-college plans aren’t working out, young adults take a hard look at their realistic employment options for the future. (Nashville Tennessean)

In “Life on Hold” (Sept. 2009), The Nashville Tennessean profiled six 20-somethings as they confronted the job market in a sinking economy. This second installment, “Life In Limbo,” updates those stories, and adds three new videos of young job seekers. The common thread is that most are unemployed or forced into jobs that don’t match their abilities or goals. How each individual has dealt with their situation is the focus of this package, which also includes videos of experts giving advice, links to resources, and an opportunity to add viewers’ own stories to the mix.

Each video profile presents a different career conundrum. Jamie is a heavy equipment repairman who went back to school for a degree, only to return post-downturn to a lesser position in the same business. Erin moved from Tennessee to New York City to find work in broadcasting, only to end up as a restaurant manager. Melanie is working as a temp after losing a well-paid job in her chosen field. All of the videos are interspersed with the comments and suggestions of employment professionals.

To date, most of the individuals profiled in the series have had to compromise their dreams just to get by — but some still hold out hope that when the economy improves, so will their prospects.

CHANNEL: Nashville Tennessean

Reporting and narration: Jessica Bliss
Photo/videography: Sam Simpkins
Production: Tracie Keeton, Jeff Glick, Kent Travis
Editing: Meg Downey, Jim Keutzer
Project editor: Meg Downey


“Life on Hold.”

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