Last Minutes with Oden

Last Minutes with Oden

As his dog's struggle with cancer finally comes to an end, Jason Woods has a tough time saying goodbye to his loyal old friend.

As Jason Wood puts it, he is no longer the man who was in prison and made bad decisions based on fear ten years ago. His loyal dog, Oden, had been with him the whole way, from back when he and his friends were “sick, poor and hungry.” But now it was time for Oden to go — his cancer was causing him a lot of pain. This beautifully photographed Phos Pictures video chronicles Wood’s emotional last day with Oden, the dog that showed him how to love.

The camera follows Wood on his bicycle from his home to his friend’s house, where he picks up Oden for the final trip to the vet. Wood narrates his thoughts on how much Oden meant to him up to the time that, through tears, the tattooed tough guy says his final good-bye, “Your job is done here, champ.” The intimacy of such a moment with a pet is something not often seen on camera, and is guaranteed to break your heart. Wood holds Oden’s empty collar and says, “God is love. God is the dog I held today,” and then rides home in the rain.

The audio track is especially effective in this piece, from the ambient sounds surrounding Wood’s voice, to the music that perfectly compliments the mood, especially in the final scenes.

Length: 6:15

Directed/edited by Eliot Rausch
Photography: Luke Korver, Matt Taylor