Kogi Korean BBQ

Kogi Korean BBQ

What's stranger -- that it's served in a taco from a truck, or that you have to tune in to Twitter to find it? (LAT)

Part culinary innovation with equal portions of social networking, the Kogi Korean BBQ Truck is a cultural trend LA scenesters are hungry for. The roving restaurant draws upwards of 800 customers at a single location to savor its pork, beef and chicken tacos topped with Korean “salsa roja” and cabbage slaw with soy-sesame chili. It is a feeding frenzy driven by a savvy networking campaign via Twitter, which patches in Kogi patrons to the truck’s next stopping point.

With each new location comes an entirely different experience as Kogi BBQ diners travel to various neighborhoods throughout L.A. which they might not otherwise frequent. The result is a new sort of culinary adventure that deems the restaurant less of a destination than a journey.

The roving vehicle has emerged as a social-networking juggernaut, spawning a burgeoning cyber-hippie movement affectionately referred to as “Kogi kulture.”

CHANNEL: Los Angeles Times

Length: 2:13

Video by Tim French