Kings of Arthur

Kings of Arthur

In rural America, in a town of 145 people, in a high school with only 19 boys, far from the world of the NFL, six-man football rules.

This is a story of largely forgotten rural America. Viewers enter the world of six-man football in small-town Nebraska, where there is not much going on beyond school and sports. In a high school with 19 males, 16 of them play football. As one young man says, “If you don’t play football, you’re no one.” The school is so small that we see football players in pads and prom queens with a crown playing in the band to fill out the ranks.

As Sports Illustrated Kids depicts six-man football played in the town of Arthur, Nebraska, the dimensions of the field are 40 yards by 80 yards, and the rules are different, too. Field goals are worth four points and a team must gain 15 yards for a first down. But that doesn’t change the players’ passion for the game. Putting on the pads is all about a love for the game and a love for the community.

Video: Bill Frakes and Laura Heald

Length: 4:30