Keeper of the Kohn

Keeper of the Kohn

Touching feature-length tribute to a beloved collegiate lacrosse field manager who is mildly autistic. (Hulu)

Peter Kohn is a legendary figure in the sport of lacrosse and he never scored a goal. For over 20 years Kohn worked as the equipment manager for the Middlebury (VT) lacrosse team and in 2004 he was elected to the Lacrosse Hall of Fame in Baltimore.

This hour long documentary presented on chronicles a year in the life of 70-year-old Kohn who is mildly autistic and remarkably upbeat. Kohn finds a family in the Middlebury team and while much of the footage in the film is on the lacrosse field, the story is really about life and relationships.

The film’s title comes from a team tradition, started in 1987, in which a freshman is assigned the job of looking out for Kohn for the entire season, and the film includes touching interviews with many past Keepers.

In addition to his friendships on the team, the film also focuses on Kohn’s relationship with his longtime friend Bettie Crilly. Kohn is lovingly devoted to Crilly, who is battling cancer during much of the film.

As Kohn accepts his spot in the Hall of Fame he tearfully thanks everyone for putting up with him. “I thank all of you for allowing me to be myself, Peter Kohn, which was the most important thing I needed.”

Hulu is best known for mainstream entertainment fare from major Hollywood studios and networks, but in recent months documentary offerings such as “Keeper of the Kohn” have increased exponentially.

WINNER: Best Documentary, 2005 Vail Film Festival & 2005 Palm Beach International Film Festival.


Length: 01:04:30

Directed by David Gaynes
Edited by Hope Litoff
Camera and Sound: David Gaynes
Music by Peter Clarke
Consulting Producer: Heidi Reinberg
Associate Producer: Beth Montgomery
Sound Design and Mix: Alex Noyes