Iraq and Back

Iraq and Back

Wounded Marine Major Justin Constantine returned from Iraq and is rebuilding his life while helping other wounded veterans.
Just six weeks after arriving in Iraq, a sniper’s bullet hit Marine Major Justin Constantine and tore through his skull. Thanks to modern medical science and skilled field medics, Constantine survived.But his recovery has not been easy. He’s been through nearly 20 surgeries to have both of his jaws reconstructed using bone from his fibulas, and bone and bone marrow from his hip grafted into his mouth. Constantine credits the love and support of his girlfriend and now wife, Dahlia, with helping him to survive.

The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken their toll on many military families. Produced by Aaron Rockett, Justin and Dahlia’s story is one of survival, love and triumph.

Constantine now works on Capitol Hill advocating for veterans and wounded soldiers with a special interest in legislation dealing with caregivers of the wounded. He and Dahlia also have a business making t-shirts for soldiers and donate 20 percent of the proceeds to injured veterans.

Length: 5:28

Produced by Aaron Rockett