In Pursuit of Pythons

In Pursuit of Pythons

A giant, non-native snake species is invading the Everglades. Joe Wasilewski hunts them down. (Palm Beach Post)

In the past few years, python sightings have increased dramatically in Florida’s Everglades. Wildlife biologist Joe Wasilewski says five years ago he never would have believed that he’d be hunting the Burmese pythons near his home.

Wasilewski and others believe Hurricane Andrew is the culprit for the python’s prevalence in the Everglades. One reptile dealer alone lost 900 baby pythons during the storm, according to Wasilewski. Now he and a handful of other qualified people have been authorized to search out and remove the giant snakes.

This audio slideshow by the Palm Beach Post follows Wasilewski on one of his hunts. The story combines interviews, excellent natural sound, and impressive images of Wasilewski’s group capturing a 12-foot long snake.

Wasilewski says it’s not the python’s fault they’re out there, and he won’t kill them himself, but he does deliver them to local veterinarians to be euthanized.

CHANNEL: Palm Beach Post

Length: 1:32

Multimedia Journalist: Brandon Kruse
Editing: Aisha Faquir