In My Space

In My Space

Working with a certified nurse-midwife, an Ohio couple has a positive experience with home birthing for their second child. (Soul of Athens)

When a second son was born to Anne Scott and John McCarthy, he arrived in their own bed at home, just as they had planned. The couple had chosen home birth over the local hospital in order to be in more comfortable surroundings and have the full attention of a trusted midwife. The birth of their first child, Cael, was a typical hospital delivery, where they saw little of their doctor. This time Ann felt more secure laboring privately in her “own space.”

This audio sideshow was produced by students in a course at Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication and E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, as part of a project entitled “Soul of Athens.”

The camera follows Scott and her family as they interact with the midwife to prepare for the birth, and includes intimate but tasteful photographs of the birth itself. Although they were cautioned that something could go wrong, the couple clearly preferred the experience to hospital care, and joyfully welcomed their new son, Tait.

CHANNEL: Soul of Athens

Length: 3:12

Audio, photography and production by Jenna Schoenefeld