‘I Only Wanted the Pain to End’

‘I Only Wanted the Pain to End’

An undocumented immigrant from Mexico uses a false ID to get medical care for cancer. Her dying wish? To return home to see her children. (Chicago Tribune)

Fleeing an abusive boyfriend, Mariana de la Torre left her three children with an aunt in Mexico and came to the U.S. in 2006.

After just a few months in the U.S., she began feeling ill and was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Undocumented and with no health insurance, de la Torre struggled to receive treatment. She eventually got a fake ID and social security number to take advantage of Medicaid but the often-curable cervical cancer worsened and became terminal.

De la Torre’s dying wish to return home to see her children was granted with the help of the Mexican consulate in Chicago and the Michoacan Club.

This audio slideshow by the Chicago Tribune follows de la Torre on her trip back to Mexico where she is able to spend her final days with her children and friends.

CHANNEL: Chicago Tribune

Length: 4:53

Photos by Kuni Takahashi
Translation by Alexia Elajalde-Ruiz