Honoring Jeramy

Honoring Jeramy

Since he was killed in Iraq in 2004, three children have been named after this beloved friend and family member. (San Jose Mercury News)
Marine Lance Cpl. Jeramy Ailes was 22 when he was killed in Iraq in 2004. His parents have found solace in the subsequent birth of three baby boys who have been given their son’s name.

The first baby, Talan Jeramy, was born to Ailes’ cousin, just one year after the soldierís death. Two years ago Ailes’ close friends from high school named their son after Jeramy, and this year Ailes’ sister Jenay gave birth to a baby boy that she also named Jeramy.

This multimedia project by the San Jose Mercury News tells a visually challenging story by skillfully combining video, still photos , subtle instrumental music, and interviews with Jeramy Ailes’ mother as well as with the parents of the three babies named after him.

CHANNEL: San Jose Mercury News

Length: 3:59

By Pauline Lubens
Music by Kevin MacLeod