Heroin Addict Finds Hope

Heroin Addict Finds Hope

Damon Conrow, 26, believes that the only way to rescue himself from a debilitating drug habit is to spend more time in state prison. (Standard-Examiner)

The warning at the opening (“This video contains graphic content of drug use”) is no understatement. Heroin addict Damon Conrow allowed the camera to witness his personal drug hell up close and personal. To get the treatment he needs but can’t afford, Conrow chose to “plead up” to an offense that would send him to prison for five years-to-life instead of a lesser charge. He had spent time in jail before, but quickly went back to his old habits in Ogden, Utah, where he lived with his concerned parents. Conrow now wanted a maximum sentence behind bars to take advantage of the Con-Quest Residential Substance Abuse Treatment program for inmates.

Conrow says he regrets getting into heroin every single day of his life, and the disturbing images in this Standard-Examiner video clearly demonstrate why. The camera looks unflinchingly at what has occupied him for most of the past seven years — shooting up heroin and finding the money to buy more. Rail thin and with haunted eyes, Conrow either sits fidgeting in a basement room or struggles to find an uncollapsed vein where he can inject heroin.

Seen after six months in prison, Conrow looks like a different person. He is now 30 pounds heavier, with a shaved head and clear eyes. His main worry is not how long he’ll be in prison, but what awaits him when he gets out.

CHANNEL: Standard-Examiner (Standard.net)

Length: 5:58

Video by Djamila Grossman


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