Heavy Load in New York

Heavy Load in New York

A mixed-ability British punk band travels to the Big Apple. Can they make it in the mainstream club scene? (Hulu/Cinelan)

Heavy Load is the United Kingdom’s only mixed ability punk band. Inspired by the Ramones, three members of Heavy Load have learning disabilities, making the band’s survival a precarious negotiation between day centers, social workers and the usual musician stressors such as rehearsals and late-night gigs.

This short film, presented on Cinelan’s 3 Minute Stories channel on Hulu.com, follows the band as they travel to New York City. The film was shot over two years as the band recorded its first album, “The Queen Mother’s Dead,” and as they struggle to break out of the “disability” circuit and into the world of mainstream clubs.

This is a condensed version of a 91-minute feature film, which has earned several awards: The Audience Award at the 2008 Britdoc Festival, Best in Show and Best Documentary at the 2008 Boomtown Film Festival, and Official Selection at 2008 South by Southwest.

CHANNEL: Hulu/Cinelan

Length: 3:11

Director: Jerry Rothwell
Producer: Al Morrow, Jonny Persey and Jerry Rothwell