Hall of Fame

Videojournalism: Multimedia Storytelling
Ken Kobre's groundbreaking new textbook teaches students and professionals how to shoot, edit and produce high-quality videojournalism stories. (Focal Press)
Shockwaves Through My Soul
Sgt. Jacob Blaylock tried to resume his life back home after serving in Iraq, but the memory of his fallen comrades haunted him. (NYT)
Happy 50th, Motown!
50-video series celebrates the iconic record label's musical stars and untold stories. Smokey, Stevie, the Supremes -- they're all here, and more. (Detroit Free Press)
Testing Grounds
The latest industry being outsourced to India is clinical drug trials. Any number of tragic things can happen on the way to your medicine cabinet.
Acid Attacks
Women in Pakistan are being subjected to an alarming kind of terrorism, often inflicted by their own husbands.
My Two Dads
Proud daughter Kiki Walker Valenzuela, 7, reflects on having two dads and their recent marriage to each other. (SF Chronicle)
The Girl in the Window
Danielle, 6, was rescued from unfathomable living conditions. Can the love and care of her adoptive family compensate for a lifetime of neglect?
India's Fast Lane to the Future
A new superhighway linking its four major cities is bringing old and new India into jarring proximity... for better and worse.
One Man Brand: The Naked Cowboy
When they met, he told her he was a Times Square musician. He didn't mention the part about playing in his underwear.
Forty Years of 'Respect'
Aretha Franklin's Grammy award-winning hit gets its propers in this celebratory Emmy-winning multimedia package.