Guitar Man

Guitar Man

Meet Jimmy Foster, a self-taught guitar builder who makes more 7-string guitars than anyone else in the world.

When Jimmy Foster was a kid, his father encouraged him to cut things open and see how they’re made. That lesson taught him to never be afraid to make things, Foster says. The first body shop he opened was filled with cars on one side and guitars on the other. When the combined businesses got too overwhelming he decided to concentrate on guitars. Now Foster’s been building guitars for over 35 years and he says he makes more handmade 7-string guitars than any other guitar builder in the world. Foster gets great satisfaction from building and playing guitar, and although he says he’d probably make more money digging ditches, this is what he loves to do.

This video profile, featured on The Digital Journalist (, was produced by Simon Baker and Kevin Stirling at the Winter 2008 Platypus Workshop, and was distinguished with the “Best Edit” award. Acoustic guitar music by Foster plays in the background throughout the story. The Platypus Workshops are intensive 9-day digital video training programs, conducted under the tutelage of decorated photojournalist Dirck Halstead, the editor and publisher of The Digital Journalist.

Length: 4:28

Produced by Simon Baker and Kevin Stirling


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