Great Responsibility

Great Responsibility

A retired couple battled for custody of their four young great-grandchildren in foster care, and now struggle to raise them. (Spokesman-Review)

When Chuck and Shirley Young learned three years ago that their great-grandchildren had been placed in foster care in Canada, they went to work to try to gain custody.

The Coeur d’Alene couple battled in court for two years and finally won custody of the four children – ages 5 to 9 – in May, 2008. In addition to totally restructuring their lives, the Youngs face additional challenges because the children are Canadian citizens and are not eligible for basic social services in the U.S.

This audio slideshow by the Spokesman-Review shows the chaos, the challenges and the love in the home of these retired great-grandparents suddenly turned primary caregivers to four active kids.

To add to the family’s worries, Chuck Young’s own health is uncertain as he battles lung cancer. His hope is to be around to watch them all grow up.

CHANNEL: Spokesman-Review

Length: 3:24

Photography and Narration by Kathy Plonka
Produced by Dan Pelle