Got Geese? Call the Geesebuster!

Got Geese? Call the Geesebuster!

Robert Guadagna uses a cheap and humane method to wage a territorial battle against these overabundant nuisance birds. (Time)

Aggressive and noisy, a single Canada goose produces up to a pound of droppings every day. Geese are overpopulating parks, golf courses and creating hazards at airports all over the United States. Millions of dollars are spent in efforts to reduce their numbers.

Robert Guadagna has come up with a low cost and non-lethal method for reducing geese populations. His company “Geesebusters” takes a humane approach to getting the nuisance birds out of places where people don’t want them.

He uses a fleet of eagle kites to simulate the presence of the goose’s most feared predator. This video follows Guadagna at work flying his eagle kites over the heads of popular goose hangouts.
With the imitation eagles flying overhead, an instinctive primal fear kicks in and the geese scatter. By returning repeatedly to the site with the eagle kites, Guadagna conditions the geese to abandon previously popular territories.

While his method doesn’t eliminate the pesky birds, it does move them to more welcoming locales.

CHANNEL: Time Magazine

Length: 4:47

Video Journalist: Ed Robbins
Still Photos: Reuters
Supervising Producer: Craig Duff