GoFast Games

GoFast Games

Experience the thrills of a 1000-foot plunge with BASE jumpers at Colorado's Royal Gorge Bridge. (Rocky Mountain News)

Colorado is the epicenter of some of the world’s most extreme adventure sports, and the annual GoFast Games attracts thrill-seeking wingsuit flyers, highliners and BASE jumpers to sport activities until recently unheard of.

While jumping from a bridge used to connote suicide, for these daredevils it’s an adventure. In this Rocky Mountain News video we get a taste for BASE jumping (the acronym stands for building, antenna, span, Earth — the typical launching points) as these folks plunge 1000-feet off the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, CO, with a parachute strapped to their back. Faced with a narrow canyon surrounded by sheer rock walls, a raging river below and a tiny landing area, it takes a little more than courage to make the jump. “It’s completely fighting against any human instinct,” one athlete explains.

The video has breathtaking shots from all different angles as one after another of these daredevils take the plunge and includes awesome footage taken with a camera attached to one jumper’s helmet as he plummets toward the ground.

CHANNEL: Rocky Mountain News

Length: 2:34

Video and Production: Wes Pope
Helmet Cam: Shane Murphy